Ok. Pking is a part of the game. Its going to happen and thats fine. What is not fine, however, is the chain pking and targetting of one specific individual. Nor is mass pking allowed. This includes pking one individual after another. If you want to do one every now and then, go ahead. Its ok. Anyone stating against that will have to deal with DE. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a specified and rather brutal consequence set by DE.. known as DE's Smiter.

Negative Powers Abuse

Negative Powers Abuse is not tolerated. Use the powers as they were meant to be used. If you want to use them for no reason, fine. Just do NOT overdo it. Once or twice every now and then is ok. The constant slapping or usage of powers to kill another player is NOT ok. Again, DO NOT overdo the usage of powers. Use them as they were meant to be used. Failure to comply will also result in the execution of DE's Smiter.

- DarkEnigma
PRoW Game Manager