Thinking about paying for membership for RoW?

Here is a list of the perks you get for paying for membership on RoW. Membership costs $15 Dollars

1. You get exclusive access to test any new races for RoW, also you get your own race set.
2. You get a cool little nifty intro message for the game. "RoW member NAMEHERE, the RACEHERE casually walks into the realm."
3. You will be the only people allowed to send whispers, to other members.
4. Channel 4 will be solely for members and members only. So if your not a member you can not get to the channel
5. You will be given jurisdiction when we test stuff, if we need to boost someone to test something. It will always be a member first
6. Future staff positions available will ONLY be given to people who support the game well enough to pay for membership. So if you want that nice little open position. You must be a member
7. You will recieve a nice email.
8. Above all you get the warm feeling in knowing that you will keep RoW around in the long run.

What your money goes too?

Rest assured it does not go into my pocket. The money goes for maintaining the domain(s), server, game and IRC associated with it, and will help me get future mods developed if I need assistance.

* Please note, make sure you email link at, after you pay with your account name so he can add it, also it can take up to 24-48 hours to get set up with your Membership

Paid Members: