The Steward is the caretaker for the realm when there is no king or queen. A player can only be Steward with a staff at 0,0, after level 10, before level 850 and if there is no king or queen. Staves are dropped by monsters of treasure type 9 or higher and are cashed in at level 200.

In The Lord's Chamber, a Steward can teleport anywhere for free and also has other powers under an "enact" menu. They are:

- This is done to another player. It may move the affected player to a position further away from 0,0. A blessing protects from Lord transports.

- This is done to another player. It inflicts half a point of poison and knocks energy level down 20%. A charm protects from Lord curses.

Energy void
- The Steward may put a number of these scattered about his/her kingdom as he/she pleases. If a player hits one, his/her maximum energy is degraded as well as losing mana, energy, and gold. The energy void disappears after being hit.

- Steward may wish to reward the peasantry by sharing his/her riches through converting (gems) into gold. A Steward may only bestow up to 5 gems at a time, and runs the risk of getting impeached if caught giving to the poor.

Collect taxes
- Everyone pays tax on all gold acquired, regardless of the existence of a steward, king or queen. A Steward collects a small share of the accrued taxes with this option .

Throw Smurf
- Throw a smurf at an unsuspecting opponent.

- The Steward can knight another player which gives bonuses to energy and speed. The benefits last as long as the player has the title which can be lost by either party leaving the game or by someone else being knighted.

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